Spicy and tasty

183One of tourists’ preferred destination is Bali, Indonesia. It’s the perfect spot for total resort relaxation and unique sensory experiences: massage, great beaches, swimming and especially fabulous Balinese food, diverse and color rich.

They say Bali is the island of gods, we say Bali is the island where you can find cheap accommodation, lots of local friendliness and one amazing culture. But above all, you should definitely try the Balinese cuisine. And one of the best moments to visit Bali is during spring, in April or May, to avoid monsoon season.

There is something special about the food in Bali. The Balinese cuisine is extremely spicy, but also full of taste and health. The main traditional ingredients that you’ll find in almost all the Bali restaurants are rice and fish. Even though the 5-star restaurant offer a huge variety of international cuisine, we strongly advise you to try the local Balinese cuisine at least once.By the way, did you know that Bali is one of the few islands where you can get a cup of the most exclusivist coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak?

What to eat in Bali

We’ll tell you from the start! The Balinese cuisine is not that expensive. For a genuine experience regarding the food in Bali, try the restaurants frequented by locals. Just ask your guide for warung, or ask locals on the street, because genuine Balinese cuisine restaurants are rather hard to find. The safer alternative is trying the Balinese cuisine served in one of the best restaurants in Uluwatu area, the Chimu restaurant, located inside one of the best resorts in Pecatu, Hidden Valley Resort Bali. The Chimu restaurant also serves Peruvian cuisine or Indonesian food, mixing everything into the ultimate blend of tastes and dining experience.

The whole Balinese cuisine is bound to the Hindu gods and enhanced by carefully balanced spices. Preparing and eating food in Bali is a ritual itself and must be tried as a spiritual and culinary experience. As refrigerated food is uncommon, most of the Balinese food is bought and cooked daily. And the basic ingredients used in the Bali cuisine are also healthy, with low calories. That is why you’ll have a hard time finding obese Balinese locals.

One can find Indonesian food in Bali too, such as nasi goring or bakso. But what you should really try is te traditional Balinese Betutu (chicken with vegetables), the Pepes (traditional Balinese fish accompanied by traditional sauce and steamed in banana leaves), or the AyamOannangBumbu Bali (grilled chicken and rice covered by traditional Balinese sauce).

Traditional Balinese dishes for a dream wedding

Be warned! Traditional Balinese food is extremely spicy, compared maybe to the Indian food. Chili and spices are reigning here. Don’t be shy and give it a go! You’ll get used to the taste after a few bites and then you’ll be ready to appreciate the unique blend of spices.

And how spicy can a wedding be in Bali, if not served with traditional Balinese food and drinks? When you are looking for Bali wedding packages, ask the hotel staff whether the food can be traditional. For entrees, you can have tahu, krupuk or tempe served. For the main course, ask for lawar (turtle, mango or coconut strips and spices), BebekBetutu (duck stuffed with vegetables and spices, cooked in a banana leaf), Babi Guling (suckling pig, stuffed with spices), seasoned with Kecapmanis (sweet sauce, made of soy), Kecapasin (sour sauce) or Sambal (extremely spicy sauce).

For a successful wedding in Bali, don’t forget the traditional desserts: jaja (cake made of soy beans and yeast), pudding made of black rice, or the traditional Balinese drinks. Among these, tual (fermented coconut and palm tree drink), brem (rice wine), arak (tuak that is distilled) are the most common.

LA Food Truck Catering Brings Class

182Since 2008, the food truck industry around the country has experienced remarkable growth. Consumers have discovered that food trucks offer the yummiest entrees and at reasonable prices. In fact, the industry has been so successful in a short time that it has outperformed the broader foodservice sector in terms of revenue expansion, reports IBISWorld, a major research firm. Although food trucks have made a name feeding people on the street, much of the industry’s success can be credited to food truck catering, a service that is rapidly expanding throughout the nation.Everyone knows that food trucks travel the streets in metropolitan areas and small towns, preparing delicious foods for people where they live, work and play. However, many of the best food trucks have morphed into gourmet caterers, providing hosts and party planners with delicious dishes at realistic prices.

Not all food trucks in have been converted into mobile-catering businesses. Only the best LA food trucks with the most outstanding service and superior food offerings have become the type of caterers that that experienced hostesses and party planners want to hire. There are some food truck chefs that offer the same menu to each catering client, and it’s usually the menu they serve to customers on the street. The best food truck operators prefer to work closely with each catering client to ensure they are happy.

If that means planning and preparing an exclusive menu for a wedding reception or special event, they are willing to do it.There are many ways to serve food truck cuisine. Some operators like to serve from the food truck’s window in everyday food-truck fashion. Some clients prefer to have an elegant – or casual – banquet. When catering business meetings, every minute counts. A veteran food truck crew can serve lovely boxed lunches, one for each attendee, and get everyone back to the meeting quickly.

When it comes to wedding catering, some food truck chefs can arrange a multi-course dinner for several hundred, including all the necessary tables, chairs and white table cloths. Experienced food truck caterers can arrange to rent any needed furniture, crystal or serving pieces the reception requires. And a knowledgeable food truck operator can hire waiters, bartenders and valet parkers.One important benefit of using a food truck caterer when planning a wedding is that he or she can recommend quality photographers, talented bands or popular DJs.

Some top chefs say they prefer catering jobs over serving people on the street. A pre-scheduled event with a set head count, such as a wedding, doesn’t require them to risk perishable food.In addition to providing delicious food offerings and smiling service, a gourmet food truck owner can usually cater a wedding reception or party at a lower price-per-head price than a typical catering service. So the next time you need a Los Angeles catering crew, remember the many benefits of using a food truck.

The Great Taste and Nutrition of Orange Chicken Recipe

181Are you bored of the usual meal that you have on the dinner table? Do you wish you could make a gourmet dish without splurging on expensive restaurants?

If you are looking for ways to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal, you should consider cooking the dish yourself. Even when on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a truly satisfying meal. The secret lies in the perfect combination of the ingredients to create a gastronomic pleasure.

Orange chicken is among the classic dishes enjoyed by many. This is a traditional Chinese recipe, which many believe to have come from Hunan, a province in China. However, many restaurants in North America prepare this chicken dish; hence, the recipe extended to being a Western type of dish. The wide selection of ingredients and manner of cooking the dish make it a favourite by many.

Not only will you love the amazing taste of orange chicken; this dish is also highly nutritious because of the healthy ingredients used in this recipe. It includes the choicest cut of chicken, which is low in fat yet high in protein. Moreover, the orange juice and rind in this recipe makes it rich in vitamin C for better resistance against diseases. This fruit also contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals to prevent cell damage and to slow down aging. Hence, you can have so many health benefits as you delight in this great tasting dish.

If you are on a budget, you need not worry about the expenses that you will have in making this recipe. You can always modify the ingredients a bit for a more frugal choice. Here are some tips in making a budget-friendly and delicious orange chicken recipe.

1. Use leftover chicken for the main ingredient.

If you have some roasted or fried chicken from last night’s meal, you can use this for this delightful recipe. Simply cut the chicken into strips or in bite size pieces and have the meat ready for marinating. This way, you can create a completely new recipe from the leftover food. Your family will surely appreciate the variety of dishes that you serve each day.

2. Substitute limejuice from orange juice.

If you think orange costs more expensive than lime, you can choose the latter in this recipe. However, if you are using lime, you no longer need to include the rind. Just remove the seeds and just use the juice.

3. Add some finely chopped green onions as a garnishing.

You can add a personal touch to any recipe you make by adding your own choice of ingredients that match the dish. For instance, you may include green onions to create a delightful new taste to the recipe. This herb is not expensive, which still makes it economical and practical to use in the dish. Moreover, the green onions will add some colour to the solid orange look of the recipe.

Make sure that you follow the procedure well in cooking this delightful Chinese-American recipe. You can serve it with hot steamed rice for a completely filling and satisfying main course for lunch or dinner.

4 Reasons Why Egyptian Food Indianapolis Is the Best!

180Indianapolis is the seat of multi-cuisine culture in the northern United States. The city boasts a wide variety of restaurants ranging from exclusive Greek restaurants Indianapolis to restaurants offering authentic Asian cuisines like Chinese, Japanese etc. Many Americans are becoming avid fans of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. Although you can easily find Egyptian food Indianapolis it is difficult to locate a quality restaurant serving authentic Egyptian food. If you are a novice to the world of Egyptian cuisine, this article will guide you to find the best Egyptian food in the city.

Modern or Traditional Egyptian Food

Before calling up a restaurant for dinner delivery Indianapolis you must make sure which type of Egyptian food you would like to try. If you are more into a modern version of Egyptian food you call that kind of restaurant but if you would like to taste only authentic Egyptian food then you should try a restaurant serving traditional food. Although Egyptian food with a modern twist also tastes great, many restaurants are into authentically cooked and traditionally served Egyptian food Indianapolis.

Vegan or Meat Lover There Is a Dish for Everyone

The fact is the Egyptian cuisine heavily relies on lentils, green vegetables and rice making it paradise for vegans. In fact no other cuisine offers a wide variety for vegans like Egyptian Food Indianapolis does. It not only offers a wide variety of salads like cumber salad, tabouleh but also offers main course dishes like Koushari, vegan dolmathes and much more. This means that you attend a lavish Dinner buffet Indianapolis with your vegan and non-vegan friends together. Lamb is the most consumed meat in this region, so if you like lamb you can taste lamb kebabs, roasted lamb and lamb curries cooked in different styles often served with hot and steamy white rice.

Get Ready For a Festival of Flavors

No other cuisine could offer you so many flavors packed together in one plate, you can taste hot & spicy, sweet & sour all flavors in one dish itself. If you are lucky enough to find a truly authentic restaurant, you will be in for a treat since the traditional cooking style gives a unique taste and aroma to the food. You can taste a variety of dishes from salads to desserts, with your family from the comfort of your home since many restaurants offer free Lunch Delivery Indianapolis.

The Only Let Down

Islam being the prominent religion in Egypt, the cuisine doesn’t allow consumption of alcohol and pork. If you are a pork and wine lover you would better reserve a seat in one of the Greek restaurants Indianapolis since no Egyptian restaurant run by a Muslim family will serve wine and pork. This is the biggest let down of this cuisine, but you can get a good quality Egyptian beer like Stella and pork in an Egyptian restaurant run by a catholic family.

Best Thin Crust Pizza Restaurant in Singapore

179Ingredients Carefully Picked

Among their most adopted practices stands the use of herbs as pizza toppings just picked from its rooftop kitchen garden. These restaurants serve all with homemade pasta dishes with its ingredients already been carefully picked. If you are looking for an Italian treat, step into the best thin crust pizza restaurant in Singapore, to enjoy quality cuisine in an industrial but rustic setting. The copper oven proofs the pizza dough for 48 hours with every piece being given that royal treatment which brings great quality and amazing flavours to surprise every guest.

What Complements Your Meal?

The Italian hangouts in the city-state are let open for the pizza lovers and food enthusiasts of Singapore which loves the taste of Italy. What thrives the local dining scene is homemade gelato and freshly brewed espresso and coffee from a microroastery of the local area. The restaurants dominating the local scene specially import the best craft beers of Italy and a selection of exotic wines to complement your meals.

Pizza Options to Die For

You can always start with antipasti, Impepata Di Cozze containing ingredients like garlic, sautéed mussels and fresh chilli or soup, Zuppa Della Casa. Then, you can decide upon the menu that is full of gourmet pizzas and other items of the main course. The main course has many options in the form of Crema Di Zucca E Broccolini pizza with the toppings of pumpkin cream, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and broccolini. In addition, you get Filetto Al Tartufo which is a beef fillet wrapped with bacon and topped with fresh truffle and marzolino cheese.

The Rich Platter

Ask for the choice of chef and he or she may tell you that the best picks can be Antipasto All ‘Italiana and Panna Cotta Allo Zafferano dessert to go with the main meal. Try Linguine Al Frutti Di Mare, Risotto Al Tartufo and Spaghetti Alla Carbonara as pasta options or Funghi Scarmoza E Tartufo, Diavola and Frutti Di Mare as a pizza treat.  These lip-smacking delicacies leave you asking for more. Exotic way of cooking, creative combinations and selective wine pairings are what makes your day delightful every time you visit a restaurant to relish Neapolitan pizzas in Singapore.