The Great Taste and Nutrition of Orange Chicken Recipe

181Are you bored of the usual meal that you have on the dinner table? Do you wish you could make a gourmet dish without splurging on expensive restaurants?

If you are looking for ways to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal, you should consider cooking the dish yourself. Even when on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a truly satisfying meal. The secret lies in the perfect combination of the ingredients to create a gastronomic pleasure.

Orange chicken is among the classic dishes enjoyed by many. This is a traditional Chinese recipe, which many believe to have come from Hunan, a province in China. However, many restaurants in North America prepare this chicken dish; hence, the recipe extended to being a Western type of dish. The wide selection of ingredients and manner of cooking the dish make it a favourite by many.

Not only will you love the amazing taste of orange chicken; this dish is also highly nutritious because of the healthy ingredients used in this recipe. It includes the choicest cut of chicken, which is low in fat yet high in protein. Moreover, the orange juice and rind in this recipe makes it rich in vitamin C for better resistance against diseases. This fruit also contains antioxidants that fight off free radicals to prevent cell damage and to slow down aging. Hence, you can have so many health benefits as you delight in this great tasting dish.

If you are on a budget, you need not worry about the expenses that you will have in making this recipe. You can always modify the ingredients a bit for a more frugal choice. Here are some tips in making a budget-friendly and delicious orange chicken recipe.

1. Use leftover chicken for the main ingredient.

If you have some roasted or fried chicken from last night’s meal, you can use this for this delightful recipe. Simply cut the chicken into strips or in bite size pieces and have the meat ready for marinating. This way, you can create a completely new recipe from the leftover food. Your family will surely appreciate the variety of dishes that you serve each day.

2. Substitute limejuice from orange juice.

If you think orange costs more expensive than lime, you can choose the latter in this recipe. However, if you are using lime, you no longer need to include the rind. Just remove the seeds and just use the juice.

3. Add some finely chopped green onions as a garnishing.

You can add a personal touch to any recipe you make by adding your own choice of ingredients that match the dish. For instance, you may include green onions to create a delightful new taste to the recipe. This herb is not expensive, which still makes it economical and practical to use in the dish. Moreover, the green onions will add some colour to the solid orange look of the recipe.

Make sure that you follow the procedure well in cooking this delightful Chinese-American recipe. You can serve it with hot steamed rice for a completely filling and satisfying main course for lunch or dinner.