LA Food Truck Catering Brings Class

182Since 2008, the food truck industry around the country has experienced remarkable growth. Consumers have discovered that food trucks offer the yummiest entrees and at reasonable prices. In fact, the industry has been so successful in a short time that it has outperformed the broader foodservice sector in terms of revenue expansion, reports IBISWorld, a major research firm. Although food trucks have made a name feeding people on the street, much of the industry’s success can be credited to food truck catering, a service that is rapidly expanding throughout the nation.Everyone knows that food trucks travel the streets in metropolitan areas and small towns, preparing delicious foods for people where they live, work and play. However, many of the best food trucks have morphed into gourmet caterers, providing hosts and party planners with delicious dishes at realistic prices.

Not all food trucks in have been converted into mobile-catering businesses. Only the best LA food trucks with the most outstanding service and superior food offerings have become the type of caterers that that experienced hostesses and party planners want to hire. There are some food truck chefs that offer the same menu to each catering client, and it’s usually the menu they serve to customers on the street. The best food truck operators prefer to work closely with each catering client to ensure they are happy.

If that means planning and preparing an exclusive menu for a wedding reception or special event, they are willing to do it.There are many ways to serve food truck cuisine. Some operators like to serve from the food truck’s window in everyday food-truck fashion. Some clients prefer to have an elegant – or casual – banquet. When catering business meetings, every minute counts. A veteran food truck crew can serve lovely boxed lunches, one for each attendee, and get everyone back to the meeting quickly.

When it comes to wedding catering, some food truck chefs can arrange a multi-course dinner for several hundred, including all the necessary tables, chairs and white table cloths. Experienced food truck caterers can arrange to rent any needed furniture, crystal or serving pieces the reception requires. And a knowledgeable food truck operator can hire waiters, bartenders and valet parkers.One important benefit of using a food truck caterer when planning a wedding is that he or she can recommend quality photographers, talented bands or popular DJs.

Some top chefs say they prefer catering jobs over serving people on the street. A pre-scheduled event with a set head count, such as a wedding, doesn’t require them to risk perishable food.In addition to providing delicious food offerings and smiling service, a gourmet food truck owner can usually cater a wedding reception or party at a lower price-per-head price than a typical catering service. So the next time you need a Los Angeles catering crew, remember the many benefits of using a food truck.