Spicy and tasty

183One of tourists’ preferred destination is Bali, Indonesia. It’s the perfect spot for total resort relaxation and unique sensory experiences: massage, great beaches, swimming and especially fabulous Balinese food, diverse and color rich.

They say Bali is the island of gods, we say Bali is the island where you can find cheap accommodation, lots of local friendliness and one amazing culture. But above all, you should definitely try the Balinese cuisine. And one of the best moments to visit Bali is during spring, in April or May, to avoid monsoon season.

There is something special about the food in Bali. The Balinese cuisine is extremely spicy, but also full of taste and health. The main traditional ingredients that you’ll find in almost all the Bali restaurants are rice and fish. Even though the 5-star restaurant offer a huge variety of international cuisine, we strongly advise you to try the local Balinese cuisine at least once.By the way, did you know that Bali is one of the few islands where you can get a cup of the most exclusivist coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak?

What to eat in Bali

We’ll tell you from the start! The Balinese cuisine is not that expensive. For a genuine experience regarding the food in Bali, try the restaurants frequented by locals. Just ask your guide for warung, or ask locals on the street, because genuine Balinese cuisine restaurants are rather hard to find. The safer alternative is trying the Balinese cuisine served in one of the best restaurants in Uluwatu area, the Chimu restaurant, located inside one of the best resorts in Pecatu, Hidden Valley Resort Bali. The Chimu restaurant also serves Peruvian cuisine or Indonesian food, mixing everything into the ultimate blend of tastes and dining experience.

The whole Balinese cuisine is bound to the Hindu gods and enhanced by carefully balanced spices. Preparing and eating food in Bali is a ritual itself and must be tried as a spiritual and culinary experience. As refrigerated food is uncommon, most of the Balinese food is bought and cooked daily. And the basic ingredients used in the Bali cuisine are also healthy, with low calories. That is why you’ll have a hard time finding obese Balinese locals.

One can find Indonesian food in Bali too, such as nasi goring or bakso. But what you should really try is te traditional Balinese Betutu (chicken with vegetables), the Pepes (traditional Balinese fish accompanied by traditional sauce and steamed in banana leaves), or the AyamOannangBumbu Bali (grilled chicken and rice covered by traditional Balinese sauce).

Traditional Balinese dishes for a dream wedding

Be warned! Traditional Balinese food is extremely spicy, compared maybe to the Indian food. Chili and spices are reigning here. Don’t be shy and give it a go! You’ll get used to the taste after a few bites and then you’ll be ready to appreciate the unique blend of spices.

And how spicy can a wedding be in Bali, if not served with traditional Balinese food and drinks? When you are looking for Bali wedding packages, ask the hotel staff whether the food can be traditional. For entrees, you can have tahu, krupuk or tempe served. For the main course, ask for lawar (turtle, mango or coconut strips and spices), BebekBetutu (duck stuffed with vegetables and spices, cooked in a banana leaf), Babi Guling (suckling pig, stuffed with spices), seasoned with Kecapmanis (sweet sauce, made of soy), Kecapasin (sour sauce) or Sambal (extremely spicy sauce).

For a successful wedding in Bali, don’t forget the traditional desserts: jaja (cake made of soy beans and yeast), pudding made of black rice, or the traditional Balinese drinks. Among these, tual (fermented coconut and palm tree drink), brem (rice wine), arak (tuak that is distilled) are the most common.